Fitness Assessment

Unsure how to begin? Not sure what type of activities will bring you the results you want? The Fitness Center wants you to feel comfortable and help you reach your fitness goals so we have a few options to help get you started.

Introductory Exercise Program (IEP)
The IEP is designed to get you back into exercising and acquaint you with our equipment. Schedule this appointment at the Front Desk after joining for a private orientation with a Fitness Instructor. This is an opportunity for novice fitness enthusiasts to get set-up on a basic conditioning routine. Safety and proper exercise technique will be covered to ensure program effectiveness and longevity. Upon completion you will be able to pursue your fitness goals with sensible strategy.

Personal Fitness Profile
The Fitness Profile is a series of tests administered in our Human Performance Lab to determine your current level of fitness. Members must be at least 18 years old to participate. Each individual’s fitness goals are specific; however, if you are curious to know how you rank against the standards for the five primary components of fitness, we have the ability to do so. The 1.5 hour battery of tests will score you in cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, muscular strength, muscular endurance, and body composition using caliper measurements. Upon completion, our software will provide you with a report that explains your results and the means to improve each facet of fitness. Further explanation may be attained through the fitness staff.

Personal Update
The Personal Update is a more goal specific program, tailored toward your individual needs. Schedule this session after a few weeks of consistently following the workout program you received in the IEP, since additional results will not be gained without progression. The Update allows new members to push their programs to the next level, and/or review exercises that proved more difficult. The Fitness Instructor will review technique and recommend additional exercises to keep you on a safe and effective path to fitness.

Personal Training
Have you not seen the results you expected? Having trouble with motivation? Do you need the confidence and direction a personal coach can give you? Then personal training may be for you. Fitness Instructors are available for personal training on an hourly basis whether you require one session or multiple sessions. See the Fitness Director for further information. Personal training is by appointment only. (24 hour notice of cancellation is required to avoid broken appointment charges.)

Fitness Programs
Fitness testing is available through our lab including graded exercise testing, total cholesterol, body fat analysis by caliper measurements, and assessments of strength and flexibility. Contact the Front Desk to make appointments for the various tests.

Competitive and motivational programs are held throughout the year to stimulate interest in different forms of exercise and to make exercise a fun and enjoyable activity. Be sure to check out our Events to see what program is going on now!

Group Exercise
Classes are held Monday-Sunday for all fitness levels, including aqua aerobics, yoga, sports conditioning, Pilates, Spinning, step and traditional aerobics. Check out the Group Exercise Schedule for times and descriptions. All classes are included with your membership. For more information you can contact the Group Exercise Director.
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